ENCOURAGEMENT:: 4 Things We Can All Learn from the Bad Boy 20 Year Reunion Tour

Hey, Ladies!

How was your week? Last night, I had the opportunity to attend the Bad Boy 20 Year Reunion Tour. One word: AMAZING!!! It was great to meet up with my girlfriends for dinner and then enjoy a night of music. As the performances went on, I realized I was being taught a lesson and I wanted to share 4 things we can all learn, as taught from the Bad Boy stage.

1. We all FAIL! Diddy started off at Uptown Records and was fired. He failed but he also learned which led him to starting Bad Boy Records. Without Bad Boy Records, our middle school, high school and early 20 memory soundtrack would be different. Lesson: Embrace and learn from your failure.

2. We all leave a legacy. What are you investing your time into? What are you investing in? Bad Boys has a legacy! Last night I was reminded of all the various hits throughout the years. Lesson: Invest wisely!

3. Hard work and hustle (and networking) pays off. Diddy and crew worked their butt off. They promoted the heck out of their music. Lesson: Doing nothing gets you nothing!

4. Support each other. We all need help and assistance at times, and that’s ok. As Diddy said when he closed the show, “We all did it separately but we did it together”. Lesson: Offer a helping hand and accept help when needed.

What are some lessons you’ve recently learned?


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