ENCOURAGEMENT:: 5 Tips for Success in the New Year

Looking for success? You and I both! Below, we've outline 5 practical and manageable ways to have success in the new year. What do you hope to be successful at/in in 2017?

1. Don't look behind you (unless you're checking for booty growth). There is no need to dwell on past failure as you may get stuck there or enter "should, would, coulda" land. Instead, learn from the failure and take actionable steps on growth past the failure.

2. Speaking of actionable steps, be sure to map out a plan on how to achieve your goals. Goals require action; Action requires a plan!  

3. Remember to meditate on positivity. Whether this is coming from a book on positive thoughts or the Bible, fill your mind with positivity as terrible thoughts corrupt contentment. Think glass half full not glass half empty. 

4. Which brings us to contentment. Enjoy the small and large moments of joy. There may be moments of sadness sprinkled throughout 2017; however, choose to always be thankful and content. Your life, your journey, not your neighbors. No comparison! 

5. And finally, take time for yourself (by painting your nails) and investing in you. Check out shade Investment HERE

With actionable goals, positive thoughts, and an investment in self, your 2017 can bid you success. There will be moments of failure or sadness; however, keep going! We wish you nothing but the best!




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