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Hey Everyone-- 

It's officially April, the start of the second quarter and the rainy season. (It's actually raining as I write this which explains why I am in desperate need of coffee). Anyhoo, the start of the second quarter is a great time to re-evaluate your goals, especially if you are sidelined or missed hitting the mark on the goals you set on Jan 1st. (Read out post HERE on success in the new year). 

Let's start off with the acceptance that failure is normal and inevitable. Hey, the first time I tried to breastfeed my daughter or change her diaper, it was an EPIC fail; however, I persevered, reorganized my goals and stopped pressuring myself. My original goal was to have the skills down by the time I left the hospital. Yeah...that didn't happen! It took longer. To overcome the goals who haven't yet reached, stop pressuring yourself and blaming yourself! Negative vibes never help.  Second, re-evaluate what got you sidetracked and think on how to overcome those obstacles. For me, I re-evaluated how long it may take me to learn the art of breastfeeding and what obstacles I may need to overcome. 

Here's a quick reference of questions to ask when you've failed to reach your goals. (By the way, I asked my self these same questions when I was a new mom, setting goals for my family). 






To reaching our goals together! 



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