ENCOURAGEMENT :: You Survived Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is over! Some may be rejoicing while others are sad to see the day end. We wanted to share 4 ways to show and feel love as we think it's true that the first person you should love is yourself! (And by loving yourself, we mean in the most non-narcissistic way possible). 

1. Every week, list your strengths and honestly be thankful for them.

2. Once a month, volunteer to help someone. Did you know that by helping others improves our happiness? Check out this Huffington Post article on 10 ways it does just that HERE .

3. Every 3 months, treat yourself to something nice. It doesn't have to be expensive. It can be a glass of your favorite wine. And while you're treating yourself, take time to truly enjoy being with yourself. 

4. LOVE who you are! Love your flaws, love your curves, love what makes you unique! Love yourself! 

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