ENCOURAGEMENT:: Fear Is A Killer Of Dreams

Fear. Procrastination. Disorganized. Time. Lack of Vision. Costs. Life. Do any of these words resonate with you? Especially as you take the next step to accomplish your dreams. As a small business owner, some of these items hit home for me. There are times when LIFE happens. You get sick, other areas of life take priority, and fear stops you in your tracks. For one year, I did nothing to start EA Polish as I was afraid. I had fear. Fear of failure, fear of wasting my time, fear…fear…fear. My mind was dwelling on all the negatives. If there is anything I learned…fear gets you no where and only begets more fear and we shouldn’t operate or dwell there. Yes, failures will happen; that’s LIFE; however, LIFE moves on. Learn from the failure; plan your comeback. 

Here’s an example: a little girl from Houston went onto Star Search. It was the PERFECT opportunity for her to catch the eye of a music producer, to win fans or simply win the contest. Guess what? None of that happened. The girl group lost! If Beyonce had allowed fear to stop her after this failure, our playlists would be dry! Moral of the story: If you have a dream…start NOW, not tomorrow. Failure will always be there. Don’t let fear stop you.

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