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Welcome to our first blog in our new series called "Fix It Friday". Every Friday, we'll post an article on nail, beauty or self care "fix it" topics. The purpose? To simply encourage you and share tools to help you be the best you, inside and out.

To start it off, we are talking about nail biting. Once upon a time, I suffered from horrible nail biting. My poor nails never had a chance to flourish and thrive. Every opportunity I had, I bit off any remnant of a nail. I had nothing but stubs, y'all. To top it off, sometimes they were painful. It wasn't until my junior homecoming dance that I truly got over my nail biting habit. In this blog post, I share what I had to do to get over my nail biting and will list a few other tips that may work for you. (And no, soaking your fingers in hot sauce is not a method I recommend; although if you did, my personal favorite brand is Red Hot Franks, haha).

1. Wear Acrylic Nails (temporarily)
This is what did it for me. It's hard to chew off acrylic nails. It's also painful. After a few months of wearing acrylics and then seeing how long my nails were (remember, I never gave them the chance to grow and thrive before), I loved the hang time that I had. To save money, try press on or nail wraps. 

2. Get your nails professionally done.
If acrylic isn't your thing, then opt for gel or a regular mani done professionally. For me, it's harder to bite/chew off a $25 or $40 mani. Giirrll, I'm serious about my coins.

3. Wear a rubberband
Whenever you get the urge to chew your nails, stretch and rub a rubberband. Chances are, you're chewing your nails out of habit or subconsciously.

4. (Continued from #3) Find out why you chew/bite your nails.
I bit my nails off due to boredom. Maybe you're nervous or stressed. Once you identify the cause, you can work on a solution. And no, I'm not advocating that you drink to replace your nail bitting habit.

5. Use a nail strengthener that tastes horrible. To spare you the taste testing, I've done the prep work for you. This method is a 2 for 1. The terrible aftertaste begs you to stop biting your nails...and the nail strengthener aids in the growth and overall health of your nails. I did this for a few months, and chiiilllee, the taste alone has me thinking twice about biting my nails.

Is there a method that worked for you? Sound off below in the comments.

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