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Nail Art

Well, the holiday season is approaching (I've already seen Christmas decorations) and to kick us off is Halloween. What do you do to celebrate Halloween (or Harvest night for some of us)? Now that I have a daughter, I take her trick or treating or I attend a dinner party with cute Halloween themed appetizers. I especially like the themed drinks...but enough ranting.

I've scoured Pinterest for y'all and rounded up nail art ideas for Halloween. Annnndd....since my inner nail artist is STRUGGLING, I tried a few designs myself. If nail art isn't you're thing, consider using two shades (black/pumpkin, dark purple/black, orange/dark purple, etc.) and doing an accent nail with one of the colors. Either way, have fun and rock those nails. If you do any of these designs, be sure to design. 

Click HERE for our Pinterest Halloween Mood Board and see our simple looks below:

Polka Dot Halloween Nail ArtAccent Color Nail ArtColor Block Nail Art


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