Essential Nail Tools (that You Can Carry In Your Purse)

Hey Ladies! Recently, I was in a fire drill at work and I made use of my newfound free time.  Well.... what actually happened is I made a Starbucks run and upon returning to the building, I saw that we were under fire drill mode. So, I walked over to the meet up spot and pulled out a nail polish remover pad. Hey, while sitting outside, it was the perfect time to take off my current mani and do some prep for my next mani. Unfortunately, my remover pad was dry. (Insert exacerbated look here). Low and behold, my co worker whipped one out of her purse. My other co-workers were amazed! The meaning of this story? To let you in on what I (and some others) carry in their purse, work bag, etc. to care for their nails.

• An emory board (or glass nail file, although these are known to break if we throw our laptop, books, purse and everything else on top)

• Clear Nail Polish (I purposely carry this so I can stop runs in my stockings)

• Nail Polish Remover Pad (Why You Should Carry It To: if chips bother you too, taking off nail polish may be best. Afterwards, put a coat of clear nail polish on).

• Cuticle Oil (to help them stay moisturized, especially after washing my hands)


Here's the bag that I carry my tools in. It's compact and can easily be transferred between work bag, diaper bag, vacation bag or just tossed in the glove department in the car.



What are some nail care items that you carry with you? Let us know!




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