How I Tackle Back to School Jitters with a Mani

It's that time of the year again! Back to School! As a mom, you may be presented with questions filled with anxiety and unknown from your little one about what the new school year may hold. Will their classmates like them? What if no one wants to be their friend? Doesn't like their outfit? The list goes on. So here's how I set up mani time as an opportunity to encourage my daughter.


1. I begin by selecting a color that is applicable to how my daughter is feeling. In this case, I chose Queen.  I want my daughter to view herself as such and to require that others do the same. (Honest Break--Not that my daughter doesn't have confidence, but has her mother, to help her build a healthy sense of confidence).


2. We begin mani time. I offer to have her paint my nails and in return I paint her nails.


3. While my daughter is painting my nails (or while I'm painting her nails),  I open up the conversation to talk about school and any fears she may have. We tackle those questions head on.


4. At the end of the mani, I remind her to remember our conversation but to also look at her nails if she needs a reminder about her worth and self confidence.


I hope this post as proved helpful for you! Let me know!

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