How To Decrease Your Daughter's Back-to-School Jitters (using a mani)

Hey moms happy back to school time! If your daughter is like mine, then she may be a little shy or somewhat nervous about going back to school. It's certainly an exciting time but it can come with a few jitters. It's the unknown that may cause the jitters. Hey, even us moms can have the jitters too!  So how do you combat those jitters? With a mani, of course! Here's the breakdown on what to do:

  1. Set aside uninterrupted time for you and your daughter to have mani time.
  2. Choose a cute color and/or nail art idea (Click HERE for ideas)
  3. Engage in conversation; Take this time to encourage your daughter, talk about your own jitters, instill words of wisdom, etc. 

As a result of the above steps, you and your daughter will be reminded of your support and words of encouragement throughout the day.

Here's to a wonderful school year!  


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