How To: Photo shoot Worthy Nails

So you may or may not know this, but, I'm getting married!! Yayy! (INSERT stressed emoji here). I'm not a bridezilla by any means. I mean, I waited so long to plan that I totally skipped the save the date mailing phase. Today I wanted to share my regimen for growing my out my nails for my engagement photos. I wanted my nails, in true nail polish addict fashion, to also stand out and look vibrant in the pictures. As a disclaimer, I prefer shorter nails on myself while adoring and fanning over longer nails on others. In the past, I've broken my nails or done a terrible job of growing them out. Hey, I'm going to trim them, why be bother with growing them out long, right?! Well, as the pictures show, my nails had some hang time! Below is my regimen for growing my nails. No fancy tricks or gimmicks. I hope this helps you and allows your nails to grow stronger and longer so that your nails can also be Photo shoot ready!

• I applied cuticle oil before base coat. Now, here me out. I know you've always heard to remove oil before applying nail polish. I was diligent in applying it to the cuticle only and not the nail. It also acted as a protective layer from the nail polish ending up on the cuticles.

• I always used a base coat. I'm guilty of sometimes missing this step when I'm in a super rush. I made sure to use a nourishing base coat. Check out First Step HERE.

• I stayed away from acetone nail polish remover. Yea, it gets the job done faster but it is harsher on the nails and cuticles.

• I kept my hands and nails moisturized. Hand cream and cuticle oil galore. My hands were glistening, baby!

• I paid extra attention to the sides of my nails by being sure that they received some extra lovin' with the base coat. Many times, the sides of nails can be prone to splitting or breaking as we tend to miss painting this section of our nails. I also shaped the side of my nails in order to prevent any split nails.

• I used a nail treatment for one week. Check out Retreat, our recommended nail strengthener HERE.

• I drank water like a fish.( If you know me, then you know coffee and wine are my beverages of choice. This was tough but well worth it.)

In the end, after about 4 weeks, my nails grew out strong and held up pretty well. I was very leased with the result. For the pictures, I also chose to go with a vibrant blue shade. As I mentioned, I also wanted my nails to pop in the photos!

Are there any tips that you have? Don't be shy and share them below!

And yes, the fiancé wanted to be blurred out, lol. He's anti social media. 


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