Making a Comeback from Gel

Hey Ladies!! Ok, raise your hand if you've ever picked off a gel manicure? Don't worry, judgement free zone here! 😂😂 I, myself, have done this a time or two in years past. *Hangs hands in embarassment*. We've all been told not to do that but it's so tempting. If you're in this club, below are some tips on what to do if you have find yourself apart of this club.


1. GENTLY buff nails! And when I say gently, I mean GENTLY. You just peeled off the gel mani and most likely, part of the top layer of your nail. The purpose is to smooth out the nail and remove any lingering gel pieces. Buffing the nail should only occur initially.

2. Apply a nail treatment, ideally one for damaged nails with ingredients to help fortify and strengthen the nail. This is vital as you want to encourage nail growth but also safeguard the portion of nail layer that is still there. We recommend our nail treatment, Retreat, which has calcium and lavender for a refreshing spin as a nail treatment. Check it out HERE.

3. Moisturize this cuticles! And do it everyday! Your cuticles may or may not have taken a hit during the peeling process. Even if it didn't, this area of the nail is good to protect as it's an important part of the nail anatomy.

4. Lay off the soak off gel if you can't commit to peeling it off. As harsh as this may sound....girlfriend, you'll probably peel it off next time too. I've been there before. No need to cool ourselves, lol.


So, there it is possible to make s comeback from (soak off) gel after peeling them off. I mean, I've seen the Washington Wizards come back with 2.6 seconds left so it's possible. (Although granted, this was when Michael Jordan was on the roster). 

If you have any other tips, advice, scary stories, etc., let us know by commenting below!

xo, Ellyse

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