NAIL COLOR :: Introducing "Investment"

Nail Art nail polish

Hey Lovies! I'm so excited to be sharing a new nail polish color with you!  When I select colors and names, I strive to pick bold colors and a meaningful message. Encouragement is so powerful and when you glance at your nails, I want you to be encouraged and push thru your journey. I named this shade Investment as a reminder that we should always invest wisely; and, I'm not only talking about money. Invest your time, passion and talents wisely as well. The age old saying, "what we reap, we sow", is so so true! By wearing the color "Investment", I hope that when you glance at your nails, you invest in yourself, your family, your passions and wisely for the future.  

 Swatch of "Investment" by Anas_Manis

Sound off below on some things you invest in! 




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