Nail Essentials to Pack for the Beach and Pool

Oh, summer. I love to visit the pool and beaches when you're around. Well, especially when you're around, cause we all know a warm beach during the winter is bae! But back to the message--- summer is when most folks plan a beach trip. I've been eyeing alot of packing/traveling pictures on the 'gram and it got me we pack for our feet? Sure, we pack some fabulous sandals but do we pack necessities to make sure our pedi last? Hmm, probably not.

Whether you are rocking gel or regular polish on your toes, it's vital to maintain your pedi. I mean, what's worse than ugly feet at the beach. Below are some items that you should definitely throw in the suitcase and of course, I've explained it below:

  1. Cuticle Oil: The salt water and sand dries out your feet. Like, sucks the moisture out, so it's key to dap some cuticle oil on your tows at night to maintain the health. 
  2. Glass Nail File: Nails are more prone to splits due to prolonged water exposure. Have this on hand in case you need to reshape the nails. 
  3. Top Coat: back on the theme of the salt water and sand drying out your feet, it can also dry out your mani and fade your pedi. Every other day, apply another coat of top coat to snazz up your pedi.
  4. Nail brush: if your toes have a little hang time, it's easy for sand and dirt to get stuck under the toenail. Use this handy tool to make sure there's no sand left behind. 
  5. Sunscreen: you probably already have this in your suitcase, (we hope), but if not, it's important. Often we forget to protect our feet from harmful rays. Show ya feet some love. They want some TLC as well!

Here's a visual to help ya out cause if you're like me, you're a visual learning and can appreciate pictures. Also, the EA Polish cuticle oil will be dropping in August. Get. Ready! 

Do you have any fun beach trips planned for this summer? Let us know!

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