NAIL HEALTH:: Let's Hydrate, Baby!

Let's talk hydration! Did you know that nails are highly overlooked and under moisturized. We moisturize our body, our face but our hands and nails get the short end of the stick. The downside: non-moisturized hands and nails can cause brittle nails, nails chips and cuticle peeling. (That's no fun! Especially after taking 30 trillion hours to perfect the latest nail art  creation). Visualize it this way, what happens when you wash your hands? When you are outside in winter with no gloves? Your hands become dry (and perhaps ashy). So, let's hydrate, baby! 

Why Mositurize:

  • Ashy hands are not cute, boo! We hope this is enough reason to keep those hands moisturized! 
  • Helps protect your nails from everyday wear and tear
  • Encourages nail growth and strength

How to Moisturize and What We Recommend:

  • Drink water (helps to strengthen nails)
  • Cuticle oil and hand moisturize (especially after you wash your hands)
  • Biotin vitamins (if your doctor allows)
  • Once a month, use a nail strengthener.

Let's keep those hands moisturized, boo! If you need a moisturizer this season, we recommend THIS one! 

Now, that we have that out of the way, shop our non-toxic nail polish HERE




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