Preserving Your Mani During Thanksgivng

Ohh, Thanksgiving! What a wonderful time to be with family and friends, whipping up the mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie (or sweet potato depending on were you're from), basting the turkey, and debating if your Mac and Cheese is superior to your Aunt Deb's Mac and cheese. With all this goodness, there is a downside, in addition to being stuck with dish duty, is your fresh, beautiful, mani chipping and getting destroyed. We've all been there and we don't to experience that again. Below are some tips to preserving and protecting your mani this holiday season. 

  • If you're on dish duty, use gloves while washing the dishes. Hot water can ruin a mani by causing the polish to lift and peel from the nail bed.  Also, ingredients in dish soap can  harsh chemicals or even acetone---which removes nail polish. 


  • Using your nails as tweezers--don't do it! I know that Your nails are not a beer bottle opener or a corkscrew. 


  • Not keeping your hands moisturized. Nails and hands that are not moisturized can lead to chipped nails. Throughout the day, be sure to keep them hydrated with the occasional pump of lotion of smudge of cuticle oil


  • Picking your nails during those moments of awkwardness. I know it can be hard. It seems that holidays always have that moment of sheer awkwardness and to seem occupied you play with your nails. Don't do it! Save your mani! 

Are there any other tips that you can think of? Share below! 

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