Spring Cleaning for Nail Enthusiasts

Hey All! So if your allergies didn't let you know, Spring is definently here (finally!). There's a bunch of cute sayings to remind us to tidy up, dust and put our Winter coats back into storage but did you knkw that Spring is also a good time to clean and reorganize your nail polish collection. Below, I've listed all the ways to clean your collection. Is spring cleaning your nail essentials something you do? Let me know!

Nail Tools
• Dotting Tools- Remove old nail polish with non acetone nail polish remover
• Brushes- Same as tools, remove old nail polish with non acetone nail polish remover. Dip, do not submerge brushes. If older than 2 years or bristles are no longerfirm, toss and replace
• Clippers- Soak in warm soapy water and then wibe down with rubbing alcohol (to disinfect)

Nail Polish
• Almost empty bottles- Properly dispose...mostly likely at a landfill

Nail Polish Remover
• Any bottles that are near empty, either combine if possible or throw out. Time for fresh remover. Check out our remover HERE.

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