ENCOURAGEMENT::Sometimes You Gotta Fail



“Sometimes you gotta fail to succeed”... Well said! 

We all have dreams. My dream is owning a successful nail polish brand that encourages and inspires women. What our dreams fail to mention is the road is bumpy, it’s hard and there are failures along the way. Failures are opportunities to learn and opportunities to try something different. As Leslie Jones in the above SNL dialogue states, Oprah was fired at 23. Would Oprah really be Oprah if she had not been fired? Would she have dared to look for other opportunities or had the same challenges to overcome and learn vital lessons? Probably not! So, learn from your failures. It’s OK not to succeed every time! Hey, even Michael Jordan missed important shots in his career and he’s still the G.O.A.T!! (Greatest Off All Time). Carry on and stay strong strong during your failures! 

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