Why You Need THIS Moisturizer For Fall!

Sooo happy to be writing this review of Anatomicals. I'm always on the look out for a new hand AND foot moisturizer that actually moisturizes.  When I was in Ulta  this past summer, browsing the aisles, finding ways to spend money (who else has this problem, especially at Target!), I was intrigued by a brand, new to me, called Anatomicals.  I picked up the following items:

About the brand:
At Anatomicals we manufacture the world’s funkiest toiletries and so far people seem to like them. Exactly like oxygen, water, gravity and chocolate fudge cake, you’ll soon wonder how on earth you ever managed to live without us.

What I liked:

  • Non-greasy
  • Actually diminishes the appearance of "ashyness". (Some products I've worn have not done this, shocking, yes!)
  • Not bulky. Easy to transport in a purse or to place in a nightstand drawer).
  • Not gritty. Smooth texture
  • Not watery
  • Actually smells like the listed scent

What I didn't like:

  • Somewhat hard to find. I originally found these in ULTA;  however, finding them online or these particular flavors can prove challenging. Lucky for you, I've linked the ones I used below:


After a few hours, per the picture, the oil spreading was non-existent to minimal which shows that it is non greasy. 

Also, the pictures shows the product holding well, i.e., it's form. It hasn't flattened by much which shows that it isn't watery and won't dry your skin. So, in summary, you need this moisturizer this Fall as it actually moisturizes, hydrates your hands/feet/cuticles, has a great texture and will last you the entire season!

Until next time!

Now that we've gotten business out of the way, click HERE for the fun stuff, shopping!

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