The Birth of EA Polish! 

Inspired by sleepless nights and a love of nail polish, EA Polish was born to encourage females in a world dedicated to our minimization. After having my daughter, I (Ellyse), a self proclaimed nail polish and accessories aficionado, assumed being a new mommy meant no more color and the end of pursuing your dreams. I became consumed in my new role and the color slowly started to fade. Once enough folks around me inquired about my unusually bare nails, I knew what needed to be done! I needed to paint my nails and encourage other females to embrace color and to push forward in their dreams and endeavors. The encouraging words that stick with me are, " faith..perseverance....and a fresh mani"

We are a vegan, non toxic, cruelty free nail polish and accessories brand dedicated to inspiring you to be the best you. Each bottle has an encouraging message on it and we encourage you to meditate, ponder and even spark conversation (if doing a mani party) on the message. We all have the ability to help and encourage each other. With EA Polish, you are adding color to your life which instantly supports your mood and given extra affirmation of the great things you can do!